Tournament Fishing Demonstration Afternoon

Tournament Fishing Demonstration Afternoon

The club has had an influx of new members and boats recently and with the Spring Shootout just weeks away it’s a perfect time to sharpen your skills.

Join the Club Captain and other experienced anglers aboard Chaos (36ft Express) at the Kawana Waters Hotel on Saturday 20th September @ 4pm -6pm,

Topics include,

– Light & Heavy Tackle equipment & GFAA regulations

– Livebait techniques including bait catching, rigging and reading the sounder

– Trolling swimming & skipping garfish, swimming yakkas

– Heavy & light tackle lure rigging

– Setting a pattern & outrigger use

– Tagging, handling &  releasing Billfish

After the demo it would be a great chance for a beer and or a meal at the hotel, all members, families and guests welcome.

Regards Brent Higgins

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