The Sunshine Coast Game Fishing Club is steeped in tradition spanning over 30 years. An emphasis on club spirit, education and fishing determination see’s the SCGFC as Australia’s most successful Tag and Release Game Fishing Club in recent history.

Founded originally to help prosper game fishing in the region, the philosophy of educating new members has evolved to develop a world recognised club that includes Life Members, IGFA, GFAA, QGFA and Conservation representatives within its membership. Add to this varied honorary members as well as travelling interstate and international members and it is easy to see where the strength lies with the SCGFC.

New members are always welcomed, encouraged and pushed to expand their fishing horizons whether it be locally or traveling the globe in their endeavors. Juniors are also at the forefront of the club with many juniors achieving state and national records as result of the education and drive of their fellow SCGFC membership base. Monthly meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month at the club’s base, the Kawana Waters Hotel.

The club also holds two tournaments per year. In October, the Spring Shootout which is the first tournament of the billfish season, followed by the February Classic. Both of these events showcase the prolific waters of the Sunshine Coast with an emphasis on camaraderie and great times. All boat sizes are catered for at the SCGFC. Many of our boats have been the leading Tag and Release boats in Australia and the club not only prides itself on this, but also the fact the knowledge from these skippers is passed to all members. It does not matter what your age or skill level is, you are always welcome at the SCGFC and new members are encouraged to fish with more experienced members so the club can have as many proficient anglers on the water as possible.

The committee, members and sponsors look forward to welcoming new members to the SCGFC family!