Rally Weekend Series





Tournament Details:

SCGFC in partnership with Club Marine is proud to announce our year long “Rally Weekend Series” Tournament. The tournament is free for all financial club members and all club points scored on qualifying days throughout the year will automatically contribute to your score.

Qualifying Dates:

– All Weekends (Sat and Sun) following each monthly meeting.

– All tournament points scored in the two club tournaments (Feb and Oct).

– All Queensland Wide Public holidays.

All dates are displayed on the calendar



All SCGFC points, tackle, tournament rules apply. These follow QGFA rules.

Champion Angler – Rally Weekends, Champion Skipper Boat Under 7m and Champion Skipper Boat Over 7m automatically wins one of the four prize positions.

The final prize position will be allocated via reverse draw. To gain entry for the reverse draw, anglers and skippers must accumulate a minimum of 3000 points under the SCGFC club/tournament points system on Rally Weekends during the 2015/2016 club season.

Any angler can obtain more than one entry to the reverse draw by obtaining multiple lots of 3000 points. If an angler obtains multiple ‘lives’ they will be able to use these ‘lives’ as a pass in the reverse draw. i.e. If an angler obtains 2 ‘lives’ in the draw by obtaining 6000 points, that angler is not out of the draw until his/her name has been called out twice. The last person standing will be the winner of the fourth and final prize position.

Reverse draw will be conducted at the SCGFC Gala awards night and the decision on the night shall be final as will any changes deemed necessary by the SCGFC Committee.

This competition is open to all financial small fry, junior and senior SCGFC club members both male and female. No points will be allocated to un-financial members.


The prize on offer is a team entry (up to 4 anglers) into the a tournament of their choice to represent Club Marine and the SCGFC
This prize is awarded by the SCGFC to the Champion Angler – Rally Weekends, Champion Skipper Boat Under 7m and Champion Skipper Boat Over 7m plus the winning angler of the reverse draw and will form a team to represent the SCGFC and Club Marine at the Interclub Championships. The prize will be awarded at the “2015/2016 SCGFC Presentation Gala”.

The winners are responsible for all other costs over and above the prizes listed above. Winners should understand that the tournament runs over 3 days.

To be eligible for the “reverse draw” you need at least 3000 rally weekend points and must be in attendance at the Gala Dinner. More than 1 entry is allowed per person.

Be sure to check out the Club Marine Website if you need insurance. Without their generous support this great prize wouldn’t be possible.