Just one week to go, and it’s game on!

Just one week to go, and it’s game on!

Well the 30th June finish line is in sight, for some the rods are in storage and the snapper gear is out. For others the game fishing season is going down to the wire. Again over the weekend Catapult & Misty were going head to head on the 18 mile and the good news is the bait is plentiful and the Sails are still playing the game.

It’s a great sign of friendly competitiveness and sportsmanship when Misty & Catapult are fishing several days a week and still get together and share a beer, yarn and who’s leading the board after another tight week. Keep up the great work guys, collectively now Catapult, Misty and Reel Capture are approaching 250 tags for the season.

Nick untied Old Salty Dog and headed wide to where Ripcharts showed 24.5c water and were rewarded with a hookup on a solid Blue (est 500lb) only to have it jump off during the fight. They also got a dollie.

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