Welcome Post

Welcome Post

SCGFC Members,

Welcome to the new and upgraded club website. I would like to thank Tim Graham for his hard work and dedication to completing this and it was also Tim that built the previous website 5 years ago. There are the usual aspects of the site with the forum and club documents but with a few tweaks We now also have a blog section.

Some of the bigger improvements are that any documents, points, tournament, and membership data that’s changed in “Gamebase” (club management system) will automatically update our own SCGFC one. The new forum area is up and running so get onto it and get active, the old forum will also be on this site but only as a read only so the information and discussions will still be accessible for reference purposes.

As a club we are always looking at ways to improve and modernise and the website was another step in the right direction. As always if any members have any suggestions or would like to be a little more involved in the future of the club please let us know, we welcome new ideas and initiatives.

Again, thanks Tim and I am sure all members will enjoy the new website.

Brett  “Barto”  Barton
SCGFC President.