A real mixed bag to keep us all keen

A real mixed bag to keep us all keen

Paddy fished 27 08 and missed a Black while Never Home got a solid Blue beside them over the weekend.

Deano found slimies on the 18m and Bryce got a previously tagged Black boat side before it jumped into the bowrail and cracked off. Reelhunter got 2 Sails and a Micro Black beside them. Word is Luna was catching them today light tackle (Tuesday).

Finally Dave Granville spotted a large tailing Broadbill in 60m and Jay saw a striped marlin tailing near the banks while snapper fishing.

Ripcharts is looking great for the Sunny Coast again, it’s up in the forum. I believe quite a few boats are hitting the water, let me know how you go.

Tight Lines – Brent